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Reflections on life, faith, church and community in the 21st. Century.

Come in out of the hustle and bustle of life. This is a place to reflect on God's grace and to explore God's word. It is also a place in which to ponder the spirit of our age and what the Christian faith has to say about it. Just to set the context I invite you to watch and listen to Creation Calls.

Faith that sees you through! From time to time we encounter the stories of people whose faith allows them to resist despair and to hold firm whatever happens. I have begun to collect some of those stories and will add to their number as I encounter more of them. To read what is there now, click on Stories of Faith.

What Would You Think?

If you were out walking and came across this little stone arch, what would you think? Would you assume that it had just happened to come into being that way all by itself? Or, would you not be more likely to decide that some other human being had been there before you? I feel confident in saying that you would quickly decide that some other human being had taken the time to create this little natural sculpture. You might not understand exactly what that person's intentions were, but you would conclude that he or she had made a conscious effort to create it. Surely, it would be easier to believe that someone had purposefully created this than that it had just happened accidentally - by mere chance.