Web Design for Churches

For over a decade now I have been actively involved in web design for churches. My technical skills are modest but my dream for what the Internet might mean for Christian nurture and witness is very vivid. It is my desire to encourage the church and individual congregations to embrace a vision for how they might become part of an active Internet community.

Page Graphic

How do congregations create an image for themselves on the Internet and how do they utilize their particular skills and interests so as to make their Internet presence both inviting and useful. Many congregational websites look like many of our church buildings - serious, imposing and not very warm and friendly. How do we change that?

What's Coming Here?

I am certainly not suggesting that I am in possession of all the answers. My own efforts in church web design have often been very faltering. I have taken delight in each new attempt and yet also have realized its frailty and limitations. What I would hope to offer here are some comments and suggestions - some of which will be my own and others ones that I have heard voiced in my ongoing conversations about this topic. It is my desire to contribute something useful to the quest for a Christian vision for the Internet in our generation.