Worship in the Church Today

There are still some people out there who appear to believe that if we could just come up with the right combination of music and style that the world would flock to join the Christian Church. Ironically, those who endorse such an opinion do not all share the same perspective. Some who appear to believe this represent a traditional voice and some advocate for something more contemporary than tomorrow.

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The reality is that this whole quest, whatever form it takes, is the pursuit of an illusion. It is no doubt true that much of our worship is much less exciting and authentic than it could be and should be - but the introduction of a seductive but unattainable dream won't solve the problem. However, that having been said, there is no doubt that the regular gathering of God's people for worship and praise is a defining experience of what it means to be a believer and it deserves our attention and response.

What coming?

I hope to share some useful comments and observations that others have made about worship and perhaps add a few of my own.