Real Life Stories of Faith

Hope Graphic From time to time I encounter a simple declaration of faith uttered by someone who is in the midst of pain or turmoil. Some of these stories are just too precious to allow them to slip through our fingers. They are not stories that get big headlines. I am referring to faith declarations made by ordinary people you have never heard of before and probably never will again. I intend to preserve them here with a brief explanatory paragraph to provide some details and the specific source from which the quote was lifted.

The intention is not to nominate people for spiritual medals but simply to honour the instinct to hold fast to faith when all else is crumbling.

"But when Jesus is ready to take me, I'll go. Until then, I'll live the best I can."
This comment was made by a woman of 35 who has from birth suffered from Morquio syndrome. Though surgery has kept her alive her growth was limited to a height of 3 foot, six inches. She is presently a resident in a nursing home dependent for orthopedic pain relief on medication that is many times more powerful than morphine. She is believed to be the oldest living survivor of Morquio Syndrome in Canada. Her story is told in Paul Wilson's "Streetbeat" column in the January 7th., 2011, edition of the Hamilton Spectator.