The Prophecy of Malachi

The prophecy of Malachi is divided into four chapters that include a total of 55 verses. For your convenience links to the New International Version text of the prophecy are provided.
Malachi 1:1-14 (NIV)
Malachi 2: 1-17 (NIV)
Malachi 3: 1-18 (NIV)
Malachi 4: 1-6 (NIV)

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Summary of the Prophecy of Malachi

Malachi (literally, "My Messenger") is not only placed last amongst the prophetic writings in our bibles but was probably also the last to be written. It displays a distinctive style of questions, responses and affirmations.

The situation which Malachi addresses is one in which the spiritual zeal of the people has dissipated, their worship has become corrupted, their priests have become unfaithful to their calling, and many vices have become common amongst the people.

addresses this situation under two main headings. First, he emphasizes how they have broken their covenant commitment to the Lord. Secondly, he announces a coming dramatic expectation that will involve both hope and anguish. Portions of Malachi are often cited in the Advent season of the Christian year because the coming of Christ is recognized to be the fulfillment of his message.

One commentator summed up the message of Malachi in these words, "In four brief chapters, punctuated by questions, affirmations, objections, precepts and promises, Malachi delivers a message whose contemporary relevance is beyond all doubt." (Mariano DiGangi in "Twelve Prophetic Voices: Major Messages from the Minor Prophets")

Exploring the text of Malachi

Now that you have read a brief summary of the prophecy of Malachi you are invited to follow a series of steps for exploring the text of Malachi. To review these steps click on A Simplified Approach to Bible Study. When you have reviewed the five steps it is time to start applying them to the text of the prophecy of Malachi.

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